The New Republican Paper

January 7, 1868


A Republican Newspaper that will circulate in Richmond has emerged. The Republican paper includes multiple errors, although intelligent and meritable arguments are included in the novel paper as well.


The New Republican Paper. The Register, the new Republican paper in this city, edited by Mr. A. W. Sheldon, lately of Keokuk, made its appearance yesterday. Its typography, we are given to understand, is yet incomplete, and to be perfected when the editor's materials are all to hand. It is sufficiently Radical to satisfy the demands of almost any one; and proclaims the habilitation of negroes with all political and social rights and equality as the only salvation of the American people from the worst of fates! Still the Register displays the merit, at least, of intelligible argument and decent language, and in its news and local phases industry and tack. Of course it will command the support of the entire Radical party, black and white, save perhaps those of the blacks most directly descended from cannibals, such as Dr. Bayne. Hunnicutt's lurid light pales before the superior luminary like the moon does in view of the sun at midday. What is to become of him it is hard to tell. Nothing could prop him up in his atrocious treachery and incendiarism but Government " pap." Losing that, as the enemy of mankind, he loses all. Even the negroes will remember best the hat which was so often handed around. That hat will be as inseparable a part of him as Napoleon's cocked hat was an indispensable feature of his own individuality. The most charitable of his friends are convinced that he is deranged, and will endeavor to get him a place in the lunatic asylum; and since he has an inveterate habit of biting, it is proposed that, before he goes there, Dr. Bayne shall extract all his teeth, lest he do harm to himself!
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