Admission of Tennessee Representatives

March 1, 1866


Tennessee close to becoming the first former-Confederate state readmitted into Congress as Congress believes their reconstruction was successful.


There is an increasing feeling in Congress in favor of the admission of Tennessee, and an effort to that end will undoubtedly be made this week. Many Union members who strongly disapprive the tone and temper of the President's speech, have expressed their willingness to-day to vote for the admission of Tennessee, because they honestly believe that the State, above all others, is in a roper condition to be represented, and because they wish to present to the people of the country a practical and positive evidence of the good faith of the Union party in Congress in the great work of restoration. It is not known whether the matter will come up on a report from the Committee on Reconstruction, or by an independent resolution ; but it cannot long be delayed, and when it does come up it will probably be in such a shape as to secure the favor of the majority of the Union members, and the opposition of the Democrats and a few of the extreme Radicals. With practical evidence of its patriotism thus exhibited, the Union party will neither be disrupted nor find the President outside of its noble well-tried organization- New York Times
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