Radicals and Immigration

January 15, 1868


The Dispatch accuses the North of taking all the immigrants coming to the US and keeping them there. The South needs a labor force but the wicked North ensures the South is stuck with a split white and black population. If immigrants were to move to the South perhaps the South would be less Radical with a larger white than black population.


Radicals and Immigration. The Radicals are expressing certain hypocritical views on immigration to this State and the South that reflect only their own meanness-their unscrupulous determination to wreck and ruin every interest in the land rather than give up their power in the Government. The sinister-eyed appropriator of other men's goods, who harangued the negroes in the African church Monday night, expatiated most dogmatically upon this point. According to his theory we have, first, the best laborer in the world; second, we should want none other; third, we can get no other; fourth, the negro is to live with us forever! Thus the population of the South must not be increased by immigration. The northern States must absorb all the vast tide flowing to these shores. It is deemed a folly for us ever to desire a share of that immigration. It is held up as a sort of moral offence against mankind for us to entertain any such desire. And upon what principle of justice rests this idea that the North, with its dense populations, must have all the immigrants, and the South, with its uncultivated lands, its sparse population, and insufficient labor, shall not undertake to supply its demands for labor-to till up its vacant territory and develop its mineral resources? How can so monstrous, a proposition be defended upon any rational principle? The scheme is iniquitous, and its purposes are atrocious. The Radicals have determined to set up the ten southern States as Radical through the negro vote. They know that under the process of immigration these States may soon cease to be Radical: therefore, the negro is the greatest of laborers for us-the best of citizens for us-and we ought not to desire anything but to live with him for all time! [This object was at the bottom of the movement in the unconstitutional Convention a few days since to prohibit foreigners from voting for ten years after their arrival in Virginia!] We must be permanently Africanized in order that we may be permanently Radicalized for the benefit of northern Radicals! What folly, what monstrosity, what outrage will these people not commit in their rage for power and plunder?
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