The Government and Household of the Grand Radical Empire.

January 16, 1868


The current political scene and all the major political figures are illustrated as overpowering monarchical figures in a rather mocking tone.


The Government and Household of the Grand Radical Empire.-We presume we shall not violate imperial confidence by foreshadowing the character of the government and household of the new and magnificent empire proposed to be erected by the Radicals upon the ruins of republican liberty in the United States. Here it is: His Imperial Highness Ulysses I.-Monarch of all he surveys. Imperial Mouthpiece and Keeper of the Imperial Word and Conscience.-E. B. Washburne. Minister of Confiscated Estates and General Factotum of the Imperial Mansion.Thaddeus Stevens. Minister of Military Injustice.-Edwin M. Stanton Minister of the Radical Rack and Political Joint Twister in General.-George S. Boutwell. Usher of the Black Rod.-Fred. Douglass Lord High Chamberlain and Picker Up of all the Imperial Old Boots, Old Hats, Old Clo' Generally.-John W. Forney. Imperial Soft Impeacher and Knight Commander of the Order ol the Sulphureous Bath.-James M. Ashley. Imperial Windmill and Chief of the Imperial Blowpipes.-J. W. Hunnicutt. Court Watchman.-Henry Wilson. Court Hangman.-Ben. Wade. Keeper of the Imperial Bedchamber.Charles Sumner. Lady in Waiting.-Anna Dickinson. New York Herald.
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