Sweeping Disfranchisement

January 21, 1868


Qualifications for which groups of people are given the right to vote are listed. Some citizens who supported the Confederacy shall be banned from voting.


SWEEPING DISFRANCHISEMENT. Lewis Lindsey offered the following: "Resolved, That the Committee on Elective Franchise and Qualification be requested to report the expediency of engrafting within the Constitution the following provision: That the following classes shall not register, vote, nor hold office in this State-to wit, all persons who were elected to any office of honor and trust by the citizens of this State, city, town, or county, or appointed by the executive department or by judicial department, and afterwards are known to have given aid and comfort voluntarily to the enemies of the United States in the late rebellion: First, members of Congress, members of the General Assembly, clerks and officers thereto; second, the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Treasurer, Auditors, members of the Board of Public Works, and all officers and clerks thereto; third, the judges, magistrates, mayors, aldermen, attorneys for the Commonwealth, constables, sheriffs, and policemen, and clerks of county or incorporated courts, inspectors, overseers for the poor, coroners, and all officers and clerks thereto; fourth, all officers of any incorporated company, such as presidents and cashiers of banks and branches thereof, presidents, superintendents, and treasurers of railroad and canal companies; fifth, all military or militia officers who are known to have given aid and comfort to the late so-called Confederate States: Provided, That the General Assembly shall have power to remove the disabilities from all those who were forced in rebellion against the United States against their will, who produce evidence to that fact. And the above clauses shall cease on March 1st, 1880."
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