Charter of the city of Richmond

March 5, 1866


Voting is taking place regarding the proposed Amendment of the Charter of the City of Richmond


At a meeting of the council of the city of Richmond, held on the 20th day of February, 1866, the following resolutions were adopted: 1. Resolved. That the act entitled an act to amend the charter of the city of Richmond, passed the 24th day of February, 1866, be submitted to the vote of the voters of the city of Richmond on the 6th day of March next. 2. That the polls be opened in each ward of the city- in Monroe Ward at Thomas C. Epp's shop, in Madison War at the City Hall, under the superintendence of the persons who were appointed commissioners to superintend the last municipal election, and with the same conductors of election. 3. The said commissioners shall have the poll books opened, with one column headed, "For the Amendment of the Charter," and the names of the voters voting for the amendment shall be written in the first column, and voters voting against the amendment shall be written in the second column ; and the vote shall be taken and the returns made by the said commissioners and conductors in the manner provided as to municipal elections. 4. The Chamberlain is hereby instructed to have the said act published in all the daily papers of the city every day after the last day of March until the day when the vote is hereby directed to be taken. W.W Morton Clerk of Council
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