Not One Intelligent Republican in a Dozen Endorses the Present Course of Congress

January 27, 1868


The immense power that Congress holds is grossly misdirected. Congress is focusing its efforts in the South when it should first look at the struggles within the North and fix those problems instead of expending all their power in the South where it is unwelcome.


Not One Intelligent Republican in a Dozen Endorses the Present Course of Congress. From the Cincinnati Commercial (Radical). Vast as the power vested in Congress is, it may pass away between the rising and the setting of the sun from the party that wields it. A breath can unmake it as breath has made it, and there is no power in Congress to fix upon the country the policy of any party caucus. Congress is giving too much attention to the South The battle-ground of the next Presidential campaign Is in the North, and Congress is abandoning it for an untenable position in the South. The Democracy have already the enormous advantage of irresponsibility. This always belongs to the opposition, and tends to produce changes and overthrow administrations. In addition to this, they have the sympathy of the President, and, it is believed, of a majority of the Supreme Court. Now, when it is considered that the overbearing power that the caucus that controls Congress has in commanding a two-thirds vote in both branches of that body is only retained by the exclusion of the representatives of the States disordered by rebellion, it becomes pretty evident, we should say, that the Republicans in Congress should take the best care of their strength in the northern States. This suggestion becomes still more impressive when we consider that negro suffrage, which is the corner-stone of congressional reconstruction, as negro slavery was the corner-stone of the Southern Confederacy, was voted down in Ohio by fifty thousand majority in October last, and that the Democracy have carried the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York-the latter by fifty thousand majority. Are gentlemen of the Republican party in Congress pursuing the course that will reestablish the party in power in New York? The present congressional policy of failing to impeach Andrew Johnson, and then persisting in fighting him and suffering the great interests of the country to go without first attention, is imbecile. The passion and fury displayed in it is all foolishness. Not one intelligent Republican in a dozen endorses the present course of Congress. There is almost universal deprecation of it and apprehension about it. If these facts can be got into Congress without a surgical operation it will be well. Great confidence is expressed that the Democratic partisans will commit indiscretions sufficient to balance those of Congress. We should not, however, depend upon their indiscretion altogether. They have not the opportunity to make capital against themselves that the majority in Congress has. We object to the immediate return of the Democratic party to power. Therefore we object to the headlong partisanism and extreme exertions of disputed authority that are distinguishing the action of Congress.
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