Robbers on Churchill

February 1, 1868


At Hunnicutts order many black Richmonders remain in Richmond. As a means of survival these black citizens have resorted to stealing and robbery since they have had no luck finding real jobs.


Robbers on Church Hill.-This peaceful and quiet portion of the city has until recently escaped the ravages of the peanut selling freedmen, but within the last nights they have commenced operations in that quarter. On Thursday night a citizen on Franklin street near the brow of the hill found a negro man on his premises, and upon being ordered to do so the fellow surrendered at discretion; but on his way to the cage he escaped, and was fired on five times by his captor, but without avail. He escaped unhurt. In another locality of the same hill an attempt was made in the early part of the week to enter the storeroom of a gentleman, but being heard they, were scared off. Citizens living in the less frequented portion of the city should be on their guard for these gentry, who have been ordered by Hunnicutt to remain in the city and save their votes. They cannot all get work to do, and in order to get' something to eat resort to stealing.
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