The Financial Question

February 1, 1868


Fixing the financial problems of the nation will not be possible until there is a return of power to the white man. After the Union is restored then a prosperous economy will follow.


The Financial Question. The financiers are discussing the finances of the Federal Government. Redeem in greenbacks, and do not curtail the circulation, says one; curtail as rapidly as possible, and resume specie payments at an early day, says another. The New York World, one of the liveliest and most intelligent journals of the day, begs the country to persevere "for one year in a sound, financial policy," and assures us that it will " bring us daylight!" What folly! This is like the crew and passengers of a foundering ship disputing about what they shall have for supper. Nothing can save the financial credit of this country but the restoration of the Union upon the basis of equality under the Constitution, with all government-the direction of all national and municipal, affairs-in the hands of the white man. Gentlemen, you may dispute as much as you please over these financial questions; but while you dispute the ship is settling down. Ignorance and evil passions rule the hour. A fruitful country, inhabited by a refined and law and order-loving people, once peaceful and prosperous, is becoming a land of desolation and anarchy. This land is a part of the nation. If it goes down it drags the whole with it. There can be no peace, no prosperity, until it is rescued from its impending fate. Rescue it, and the Government finances will be easy confidence will revive-industry be regulated and rewarded-the production of the land be increased-and plenty, contentment, and thrift take the place of want, apprehension, and poverty. This is the only remedy for the finances, gentlemen financiers!
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