Hunnicutt Advocates Immigration

February 3, 1868


Hunnicutt, siding with the Radicals, supports immigration. Hunnicutt's reasoning behind this is to win over the support of the Radicals so that he may expand his political influence. One may say Hunnicutt is simply an opportunist others may argue that he is a slippery no good traitor.


Hunnicutt advocates immigration, and in that compares most favorably with those Radicals who have, for the worst motives, endeavored to check the measures for promoting it. The descending scale of Radicalism goes a long way down when there are several degrees below Hunnicutt! But the "Friend and Hero" knows what he is about. He wants to be Governor someday; and he is endeavoring to widen the ground he occupies! This one stroke of policy relieves him from all the dangers of competition in business!
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