Aid to the South.

February 5, 1868


Southern commanders aware of the famine and poor state of the nation ask that the government provide financial aid to the South. The Dispatch believes that any money the government directs to the South is not intended for food but instead to fulfill Radical plans including aid for black citizens.


Aid to the South. Some of the southern commanders and their principal aids, who have been much excited by the scenes and sufferings they have beheld, have urged upon the Government to appropriate money to aid the southern people and prevent a famine. Every now and then the suggestion is repeated. The gentlemen making these suggestions deserve credit for their humanity; but they are greatly mistaken if they suppose their propositions will be entertained. The money that will be paid out by Congress to the South will be exclusively devoted to the prosecution of the Radical plan to radicalize the South by Africanizing it. The money expended, therefore, will be given to the support of the great army of black voters now embodied and drilled in the South for the elections that occur this year. They will be kept in close order-well in hand-ready to be called out in force when wanted, and will in the meantime be constant attendants of the soup-houses and the depots for the dispensation of rations. It is for this the money will be expended-the money raised by taxation from the hard earnings of the people (we of the South included) for the infamous purposes of partisan scheming. All this will have its day-and then we shall see what follows.
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