Revolution Progresses-Impeachment Again Threatened

February 8, 1868


When President Johnson ordered General Grant to ignore Mr. Stanton, the Secretary of War, he violated the law giving Congress another reason to impeach him.


Revolution Progresses-Impeachment again Threatened. The Reconstruction Committee have been considering the War Office correspondence of the President and General Grant with a view to bringing out another sensation. The Committee is reported by Radicals as being almost unanimously of the opinion that the President, in ordering General Grant to disobey Mr Stanton as Secretary of War, acted in violation of law, and that it showed a determination on his part to defeat the purposes and laws of Congress. A subcommittee, composed of Messrs. Bingham and Bontwell, have been appointed to look into the matter, with authority to draw up new articles of impeachment, if the facts warrant it (in their opinion), and present them it the next meeting of the committee. The conduct of "certain Cabinet officers (supposed to be Messrs. Randall, Welles, Browning, and McCulloch,) is also to be investigated in this connection, and strung up in the impeachment row along with the President, if there is reason for supposing the existence of a "conspiracy to defeat the law"-that's the charge. Mr. Bingham has heretofore opposed impeachment for want of legal evidence. General Grant is to be examined by the committee during the week, and the report, it is thought, will probably be presented to the House on Monday. In this connection it may be remembered that there is a bill pending in the Senate providing that in cases of the presentation of articles of impeachment the officers charged shall, upon a two-thirds vote of the Senate, cease to act in an official capacity, and in case the President is the party, the officer next in authority shall have power to call on the land and naval forces to enforce the law. Sun.
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