The Constitutions All to be Accepted

February 11, 1868


Radicals are cheating in poll boxes. Radicals tamper with the election by insisting on redo votes and only after the "negroes" have voted is the election considered correct.


The Constitutions all to be Accepted.-It will have been observed, says the Washington correspondent of the Baltimore Gazette, that whenever it is found that, upon counting the votes in the bogus elections at the South, the Radicals have not a sufficiency for their purposes, the polls are reopened again and again by the satraps in command; but as soon as the required number is readied by re-voting the negroes, the ballot-box is, presto! hermetically sealed. A case of this kind has just occurred, or, rather, is in progress, as the phrase goes, in Alabama. Some of the Conservative correspondents at this point are indignant at such tactics. But why? I can assure them and your readers, upon the most reliable authority, that it has long ago been determined by the leading Radicals to accept by congressional enactment the State constitutions to be sent here by the negro conventions, irrespective of the action of the people, and that the requirement in the reconstruction acts that these constitutions shall be adopted by a majority of the registered voters is to be repealed, or (which is the same thing) wholly disregarded.
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