A Significant Step-Mr. Johnson to be Impeached.

February 12, 1868


Johnson's impeachment trial has been moved to the next step. The impeachment case is currently under review by the Committee on Reconstruction, which will report a decision on the trial as soon as possible.


A Significant Step-Mr. Johnson to Be Impeached.- The House of representatives took a step yesterday, under the lead of Mr. Thaddeus Stevens, of the most extraordinary character. The papers and evidence in the impeachment matter were taken from the Committee on the Judiciary, to which such a subject would naturally and appropriately belong under the rules of the House, and given to the Committee on Reconstruction, with "leave to report at any time." The indications now are the present body of heated and violent partisans in Congress are about to make their boldest and most fearful experiment on the patience of the country, which has endured them so long-these Jacobins hoping, we doubt not, that the people do not care enough about their Government and Constitution to make a struggle, or risk anything for their preservation against the regular army wielded by General Grant.- National Intelligencer of yesterday.
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