February 17, 1868


A Republican newspaper known for its unsympathetic and harsh review of the South has strangely disappeared.


Disappeared. We have missed for some days the Register, a Republican paper established in this city a short time since with a considerable flourish by a Colonel Sheldon, from "Keokuk." It promised to be an improvement on the New Nation; and was in talents, but in principle it was not. Whether it is dead or not we cannot say. If dead, it gave no premonitory intimation to that effect; and if so dead the result grew out of disappointment-disappointment in not receiving promised aid and official support, we imagine. For no man should be so indiscreet as to expect popular support for a Radical paper in any southern State. Negroes have none to give except when they succumb to Hunnicutt's hat, and white supporters for such journals there may be said to be none. If Colonel Sheldon had promises of official support, he never received it, and after showing some enterprise Radicalwise to invite official confidence, he probably despaired and retired. Hunnicutt had the game in his own hands. He and Underwood are like Siamese twins, tied together by a fate not to be safely resisted, and although the connection is understood to be irksome to both, it is endured with a fortitude nothing could reward but the official pap it secures! Underwood was bound to continue the bankrupt and other notices in the New Nation. This affair is an illustration of the relations of the Radical press to the people of the South. It finds no sympathy, no encouragement, from the southern people, and is only sustained through the official support which is ordered by Congress to be distributed amongst Radical papers. The bankrupt law, which is filling the pockets of imported officials, crushes out much gold from the debris of southern ruin for the Radical press. In this way is the spirit of Republicanism outraged by tyrannical measures. The consent of the people (the popular wishes) ire the essence of free government; but here we have quartered upon us strangers not of our selection, and presses that are universally abhorred by the people. And this is done under the name of Republicanism. What a mockery!
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