Old Thad on Johnson, Grant, and Impeachment

February 17, 1868


Thaddeus Stevens is more than fed up with the conflict and drama surrounding Johnson and Grant. Stevens does not care about their childish problems all he wishes is that both Johnson and Grant obey the laws and rules of their beloved country.


Old Thad on Johnson, Grant, and Impeachment. J. B. S., of the World, has had an inter, with Thad. Stevens. Hear the latter: "Well, then, there's the whole thing [said Thad.] It's as simple as day. What the devil do I care about the question of veracity, as they call it, between Johnson and Grant? That's nothing to do with the law. Both of them may call each other liars if they want to; perhaps they both do lie a little, or, let us say, equivocate, though the President certainly has the weight of evidence on his side. But Johnson being right or Grant being wrong, it makes no difference. If they want to settle the question between them, they may both go out in my backyard and settle it alone. Of course I have a slight objection to having that area soiled by either of them, but I wouldn't object if they would only fix it so that we should have no more talk. What I am after is that the law of these United States, as made by the Congress of these United States, shall be obeyed by the President as well as by all men beside. There was plenty of evidence, God knows, to convict Johnson last year. It's all nonsense and folly to argue against the self evident proposition that there is more than plenty of evidence now." "Well, were you disappointed in the vote this morning by the committee?" "Not a bit, sir. I know all the cowards in this Congress. Long experience has enabled me to black-mark every one of them, damn them!" "What, then, is at last your opinion on the question whether Mr. Johnson will ever be impeached?" "Sir," said Mr. Stevens, with a bitter smile, "I shall never bring up this question of impeachment again. I am not going to dally with that or any other committee in regard to it any longer."
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