Declines the Honor

February 25, 1868


General Thomas declines the invitation to become Lieutenant-General. Thomas is nothing more than a traitor and his actions are appropriate considering his betrayal to his state.


Declines the Honor. The National Intelligencer states that General George H. Thomas has addressed a letter to the President of the Senate (Wade) declining the nomination of Lieutenant-General by brevet. As we expected. We had no idea that a Virginian who had fought against his native State would take the generous side of the question which now agitates the nation; and not taking that side, it was proper that General Thomas should decline the honor conferred, as it was under circumstances which would have made its acceptance an indication of anti-radical proclivities. We suppose this will wind up Mr. Johnson's leaps in the dark. It is plain that he has now no sympathy from the leading Generals of the army, and in a question of force, would have no great chieftain to lean upon. At this late day, and situated and circumstanced as he is, it is very well that his issues are rested upon the decisions of the courts. If he ever entertained views of a more summary and arbitrary nature, they wouldn't suit at this time.
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