March 2, 1868


Re-registration under General Schofield's orders begin today. No citizen will be allowed to vote until they re-register and enter their name on the new list.


LOCAL MATTERS. REGISTRATION TO-DAY. In accordance with the recent order of General Schofield, officers duly appointed will commence the work of re-registration in the five wards of this city to-day. No person will be entitled to vote hereafter by reason of any previous registration unless his name is entered on the new list. We republish the places of registration in each ward : Marshall Ward.-Springfield Hall, corner of Mason and Twenty-sixth streets. Jefferson Ward.-First Market Hall, Main street. Madison Ward.-Schaffer's building (old Swan Tavern), Broad street between Eighth and Ninth. Monroe Ward.-Carpenter shop, corner of Third and Marshall streets. Clay Ward.-Westham House, Sidney. The new boundaries of the wards were published in the Dispatch of Saturday.
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