Impeachment in the Convention

March 5, 1868


Scallawags in the Convention are in favor of Johnson's impeachment. This is an attack on Johnson. *Note: Today's issue was extremely hard to read.


Impeachment in the Convention. Our scallawags fired a shot at Mr. Johnson yesterday. By a strict party vote, and without allowing any debate upon the resolution, they declared in favor of the impeachment of the President. We are apprehensive that Mr. Johnson will be as much mortified when he hears of this action of our Convention as Queen Victoria was when she heard that King Theodore of Abyssinia was highly indignant because of her rejection of an alliance with him. The Queen could easily have made friends with his sable Majesty by listening to his degrading proposals; and Mr. Johnson might have secured from our Convention a resolution declaring him to be among the greatest statesmen that ever lived if he had thought it worthwhile, in order to that desirable result, to degrade himself to the level of the negro party. Praise from such a body of mends much more than half scandal ; and censure from them is evidence that the person censured has at least some good qualities. In a word the Convention can benefit no one by its eulogies and injure no one by its denunciations. Mr. Johnson will be about as much damaged by their furious assault as Gulliver was by the attacks of the Lilliputians.
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