Challenged Negroes

March 16, 1868


Under Schofield's orders on registration it is possible for a citizen's right to register to be challenged. Numerous black citizens have been challenged mostly for non-residence. The Boards of Registration will review these charges and then make a final decision. The Dispatch calls on all white Richmonders with information on illegally registered black citizens to report the information right away.


Challenged Negroes.-Several hundred negroes were challenged, principally for non-residence, in the course of the registration just completed. The Boards of Registration will in a few days revise their lists and afford an opportunity to canvass the right of these negroes to register. Upon proper evidence that they are not legal voters, their names will be stricken from the list. It becomes the duty, therefore, of every man to furnish information to Thomas W. McCance, Esq., superintendent of the Conservative party of Richmond, or to the ward superintendents, in relation to every negro known or believed to have been illegally registered. This should be done to-day and to-morrow. Let the information be specific and in writing.
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