Close of Registration in Richmond

March 16, 1868


With the end of registration, the final totals of those registered are reported. Per ward there is a higher number of black Richmonders who registered than white Richmonders. The Dispatch is not pleased about the results but assures white Richmonders that at least some of these "challenged negroes" will be disqualified and that it is still clear that "whites have it in their power to control this city."


LOCAL MATTERS. Close of Registration in Richmond. The registration of voters in this city, which has been in progress for the last two weeks, closed at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, with the following result: Marshall Ward Whites, 638 ; blacks, 736. Black majority, 98. Jefferson Ward.-Whites, 1,801 ; blacks, 1,941. Black majority, 143. Madison Ward-Whites, 1,685 ; blacks, 1,385. White majority, 300. Monroe Ward.-Whites, 1,675; blacks, 1,934. Black majority, 259. Clay Ward.-Whites, 772 ; blacks, 608. White majority, 164. Total whites 6,571 Total blacks 6,607 Black majority 36. This majority will doubtless not only be wholly overcome when the list of several hundred challenged negroes is canvassed by the Boards of Registration, but will leave a considerable majority of legal white voters. According to the official returns made by General Schofield to the Convention, the following were the figures of the late registration, which the present one supersedes : Total number of whites 5,382 Total number of blacks 6,284 Black majority 902. It will be seen by the above figures that the whites have increased their strength in the new registration 1,189 votes, and the blacks have increased theirs 323. The whites could have added five hundred more to the list if all who were entitled to register had turned out. It is now evident to every one that the whites have it in their power to control this city. Let them see to it that at the registration which will take place fourteen days prior to the election, every delinquent white voter records his name.
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