The Loyal League Importing Negroes.

March 17, 1868


The "negro" Loyal League has sent black men to Richmond from Maryland to illegally register. Maryland is not the only place close to Richmond that black citizens have flooded Richmond from to wrongfully boost the number of registered black citizens.


The Loyal League Importing Negroes.-The following is an extract from a letter from a prominent citizen of Frederick, Md., to a gentleman of this city : "The negro Loyal League of this district has been called upon for one hundred men to go to Richmond 'to do a little work for God,' as they express it. * * I know that a number of negro men have disappeared suddenly in the last two or three days from this place, and therefore thought it best to notify you." It is not at all improbable that the draft was duly honored, and that a part, at least, of Maryland's quota are now registered as voters in Richmond. We say it is not improbable; for it is well known that every county within thirty miles around Richmond has furnished the Capital with a few negroes for purposes of registration; and some have, to our own knowledge, come from a greater distance "to do a little work for God"-an expression easily rendered by those of the Hunnicutt stripe. A gentleman brought into our office yesterday the names of three darkies who live in Buckingham and registered in Monroe Ward, and who boasted afterward of the trick; and another has a list of thirty who live outside the corporate limits but whose names appear on the city books. These things should be investigated, and doubtless will be when the revision takes place.
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