Apportionment-Radical Rascality

March 23, 1868


White scalawags and the Committee on Apportionment in the Convention scheme to ensure Radical rule and "negro" power. This committee has used tricks and manipulative tactics to guarantee black power including basing representation off registration before the election of members to the Convention. This basis is unfair as a large number of white Richmonders did not register before and therefore will not represented.


Apportionment-Radical Rascality. The Committee on Apportionment in the Convention on Saturday made a report, the purpose of which is to throw this State entirely into the hands of the negroes. The committee base representation upon the registration prior to the election of members to the Convention, knowing that a large number of whites did not register. This knowledge induced them to depart from the universal basis of representation population-which is the only true one. But that would not have subserved their purpose of appropriating Virginia to Radicalism by trick and fraud. The failures to register were very numerous in the parts of the State chiefly populated by whites, while the negroes en masse were registered, and their strength much increased beyond their real numbers by frauds. That registration, as the basis, inevitably gives the advantage to the Radicals. Yet this is not enough ; for they proceed to make the result still more certain by their apportionment of delegates to voters. They provide a delegate for every eighteen hundred voters; but where there are nine hundred votes over that number in a county, they give two delegates; and counties that have only nine hundred votes are entitled to one delegate. All of which throws strength into the scale of the small negro predominating counties of Eastern Virginia! We have not thought proper to publish this report, as it is yet to be debated. We only now call attention to its infamous character, and the rascally device by which renegade and scallawag white men combined with negroes are seeking to bow the neck of this noble old State to negro rule. The reader may form some idea of the nefarious character of this criminal proposition by scanning the following statement of the apportionment of senators in some of the more populous and well-known counties: Pittsylvania, Halifax, Bedford, Mecklenburg, and Campbell, have each one senator. The following counties are grouped into districts; and we find great counties, such as Augusta, attached to one or more others, and granted the representation that single counties in East Virginia inferior in population are to have : Richmond city and Henrico, one senator; Page, Warren, and Rockingham, one senator Rockbridge, Bath, and Alleghany, one senator; Highland and Augusta, one senator; Alexandria, Fairfax, and Loudoun, two senators ; Fauquier, Rappahannock, and Prince William, one senator; Culpeper, Orange and Madison, one senator; Stafford, Spotsylvania and Louisa, one senator; Frederick, Clarke, and Shenandoah, one senator; Botetourt Roanoke, Craig, and Giles, one senator; Montgomery, Floyd, Patrick, and Carroll, one senator. The apportionment gives 138 delegates and 42 senators. Richmond is awarded six delegates ; Henrico, two ; and Henrico and Richmond together, three senators. The unprincipled exotics and ignorant negroes are making a beautiful Constitution for Virginia-a State whose renown surpasses that of any other in the nation. Of course such a work as these wretches are carving out for Virginians cannot stand. It will be indignantly rejected, and spurned as the abominable deed of dishonest and loathed men.
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