March 23, 1868


Radicals criticize the new secret order of the Ku Klux Klan. Violent conflicts may arise between the Radicals and the KKK if one interferes with the other. The Dispatch does not disapprove of the KKK as they have not caused any violence yet and act simply to counteract the forces of the Radical Loyal Leagues.


Don't like Secret Societies.-The Radicals, who have established in the South those atrocious Leagues which have spread discontent and social evil and disorder wherever they are, denounce in bitter terms the new secret order of the " Kuklux Klan." It was a horrible thing to the inventor of the guillotine that his head had to he chopped off by it. That the Leagues should be offsetted by a like secret organization-such as it very naturally be-gets-is of course much deprecated by the authors of that infamous institution. We know nothing of the "K. K. K."; but we see it stated that it is a move to checkmate the Leagues; and as they have been fostered by the Freedmen's Bureau, and thus indirectly by the Government, it would be another monstrous link in the measure to put the white man under the negro should the Government-military or whatever it be-attempt to exterminate the K. K. K. Violence and outrage beget their like, and until the ruling power becomes honest, and adheres to the Constitution and laws, and respects rights under them, the country must be subjected to the agitations of violent conflicts.
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