Hayti and the Negro

March 23, 1868


The events in Haiti, which is currently run by blacks, is indicative of the catastrophic rule and order black citizens are capable of. The white man is clearly much more competent and fit to run any country or state as seen from the treacherous example of Haiti.


Hayti and the Negro. The scenes in Hayti make it more than probable that order and law will never be restored to the black inhabitants of that island. They have overthrown their late Government, which was itself built on the ruins of its predecessor, and are amidst the aggravated horrors of that state of anarchy and barbarism which has long prevailed. Yet these negroes succeeded to the possession of the most fertile spot of earth on the globe, in a high state of cultivation, and teeming with the fruits of tillage. Having massacred the white inhabitants, they took possession of their comfortable and elegant mansions, and their lands and tenements of all kinds. Besides, they found an immense foreign commerce, whose prosecution was rapidly increasing the wealth of the island, and a government under which law and order, and comfort and abundance, blessed the land. After fifty years possession of such a spot of earth, especially favored by nature, what is the condition of affairs ? The large annual production is diminished to an aggregate which is contemptible compared with that under the rule of white men-the commerce has been reduced in like manner-dilapidation and ruin have been the fate of all the works of art and mechanical industry-disorder and indolence prevail there is no safety, no peace, no comfort anywhere-revolution after revolution have followed in rapid succession-and Hayti, one of the brightest gems of the Antilles, has become an abomination on the face of the earth. This is the sort of self-government which the negro has proved himself capable of after the fairest test which was ever afforded a community. The black Haytiens were not like colonists struggling in a wilderness, menaced day and night by tribes of savages. They were heirs to a lovely and thrifty domain, provided amply with houses and every known mechanical appliance and convenience adapted to their wants and the uses of labor as prosecuted then and there. They had everything their own way. They were so jealous of the white man that they allowed him no place to rest the solo of his foot. He was not allowed to own one rood of land in their island. Even the mulatto was put under the ban, and driven into obscurity, often fleeing to fastnesses to escape persecution and death. Such is the notorious example-the living and daily familiar illustration-of negro rule, Hayti is near our coast. Our own people are frequently spectators of the desolation and barbarism which have there succeeded to thrift, refinement, virtue, order, security, and happiness. And yet a besotted party in the control of the Government at Washington are seeking now-in order to secure the prolonged enjoyment of the offices and emoluments they hold-to bring a similar fate upon ten southern States of the Union by making the negro the ruling class of society !
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