The Foreigner and the Negro

March 23, 1868


Troublesome scalawags attempt to disfranchise German and Irish foreigners who are naturalized citizens. It is unbelievable that anyone would work to restrict white citizens from voting while expanding black citizen's privileges.


The Foreigner and the Negro.-The scallawags of Radicalism are endeavoring to deprive the foreigner of his just rights. Every obstacle is thrown in the way of his exercising his right to vote. Some of the scallawags have gone on an expedition to Washington-the fountain of evil and wrong-to concoct some measure by which many of the German and Irish naturalized citizens of this city may be deprived of their right to vote. If any one had prophesied a few years since that any white man could be found in the South who would be so base as to undertake the labor of expanding the privileges of blacks and cutting down and destroying those of the whites, he would have been deemed crazy. The supposition that such a monster could have been found in any of the ten States could only have been considered itself monstrous. But we have lived to see several of such monsters. They are now endeavoring by every art and device which base natures and a cunning whetted by greed for office can suggest, to place the worthy, industrious, orderly, and useful naturalized citizen below the negro in social consideration and political rights. It is impossible that such baseness and perfidy shall not meet with its reward-its retributive punishment.
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“The Foreigner and the Negro,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 17, 2022,