General Schofield-the Radicals

March 24, 1868


Lowly white citizens and some black Richmonders had hoped General Schofield would vacate all the office in the State. These same citizens are quite upset and angry at Schofield for not vacating all the offices they had planned to fill.


General Schofield-The Radicals. The white riff-raff and negroes are much disgruntled at the failure of their pertinacious appeals to General Schofield to vacate all the offices in the State. They cannot endure the disappointment of not being allowed to enter into the joy of the kingdom which they have been fully possessed was prepared for them. We suspected this was the cause of the discontent of Hine, with his whine, and the black and tan curs generally, who have recently begun to bark and show their teeth at General Schofield. We understand that a committee of these wretches, who are so eager to monopolize the offices of the State, which they have not a single qualification for filling, has just returned from a visit to Washington to implore Congress-the "fount of every blessing" for them-either to compel General Schofield to give them the offices and the keys of the treasury, or to cause his removal, and the appointment of somebody in his place who will do this thing so necessary for the preservation of " the life of the nation .
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