March 17, 1866


The Dispatch sarcastically thanks the Yankees as they "take out affairs into its own keeping" but states that they "decline interference" as southerners fight to get rid of the Yankees who they believe to be the "most infamous race".


The passage of the bill for employing the serviced of 300,000 slaves as soldiers, has alarmed the Yankees beyond measure. Nothing could exceed the exultation of the New York editors when it failed, on the first trial, and nothing can surpass their chagrin at present. The New York Herald rails against the law in its usual style of exaggeration, quoting from Senator Hunster, whom it holds to be the true representative of the genuine secession party. It is very kind of the Herald to take out affairs into its own keeping ; but we beg leave to decline its interference. It asks, what we are now fighting for, since the nigger has been turned into a soldier? We are fighting to drive from our soil the most infamous race that God, in His wrath with mankind, ever permitted to cumber the earth. We are fighting to get rid of the Yankees! Surely, that is enough. The thieves and freebooters whom the Yankees facetiously style soldiers, are still think around us as autumn leaves in Valambrosa. There we are fighting.
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“Untitled,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 18, 2022, https://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/94.