A Carpet-Bagger Goes Back on His Clan

March 28, 1868


Carpetbaggers hold their own meetings in which they discuss their hatred for the term "carpetbagger." One member suggested using a violent tactic against the next person who calls him a carpetbagger.


A Carpet-Bagger Goes Back on his Clan.-There is a certain den in this city wherein nightly gather the Convention clans of Carpet-bag-dom, and those of a friendly disposition therefor, to talk and chat of passing events, and to decide in a manner incontestible as to who shall first fall a victim to the Radical god, Jugernaut. 'Twas but a few nights ago when this assemblage were gathered together in solemn conclave, and a sable messenger interrupted the proceedings by dropping on the floor in a most unceremonious manner a three-story trunk, which, upon examination, was found to contain nothing but the name of the owner, one of the clan, who was absent "at dat present time." The trunk was made the special order of the evening, and fully discussed, and the story of the Irishman, who said if he had any use for a trunk he would have to go naked, was introduced as an illustration of the case in point. Finally, the owner of the trunk walked in and put an end to all further inquiry in the case. He said : " Gentlemen,-I'm tired of these d--n rebel newspapers calling us carpet-bag men. I have therefore bought that trunk, and the next one who calls me C. B. M. (carpet-bag man) I'll tell him of this trunk, and dash the insinuation back into his teeth." The clan was satisfied. Trunks have risen in Richmond.
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