Beginning of the Trial in Reality

March 31, 1868


Butler will present the prosecution at the commencement of the impeachment trial. It is also speculated that in the next presidential election a candidate from a third party will compete for the Presidency as well.


BEGINNING OF THE TRIAL IN REALITY PROBABILITIES OF SERIOUS ISSUES OF A POLITICAL CHARACTER-A THIRD TARTY IN THE PRESIDENTIAL FIELD. Washington, March 20, 1868. . The impeachment trial will commence in good earnest to-morrow, and has to-day been the subject of the greatest speculation and comment. The holders of tickets will use them to-morrow or never. Butler leads off in one of his mightiest, efforts said to be at least four hours' long-and his political admirers are expecting wonders. They are giving all the credit of preparing for the prosecution to Butler, without taking into consideration the industry which Boutwell manifests, or the tact of Stevens, the high-sounding speeches on the subject from Logan, or the elaborations of Bingham. They all seem to have faded in the light of Butler. They will, however, be certain to distinguish themselves before the end of the trial, which will not be permitted to last any great length of time. It is possible that questions may arise during the trial which would bring the Chief Justice, as presiding judge of the court of impeachment, at issue with prominent senators on the jury, or with the managers as prosecutors; but it is not considered very probable that any disagreement will occur. Any such incident will impart the greatest importance to the political situation, and shape events differently from what is now expected. The President's counsel will continue to address Mr. Chase as "Mr. Chief Justice," while the impeachment men, in defence of their theory with reference to the position he occupies, will adhere to " Mr. President" as the proper title by which to address him. ] No additional favors are being shown the colored population of this District so far as " free passes " to the Senate galleries during the impeachment trial is concerned. They are still being kept out in the cold. The " students for the ministry " of that element here are even snubbed by their Radical friends, and are wondering why Mr. Sumner or the Vice-President will persist in opposing practically the equality of race they defend so much in theory. There is some speculation in political circles here as to the very great probability of a third party in the approaching presidential campaign which shall present a candidate between Grant-whose nomination, until he declines one, is conceded everywhere-and the Democratic nominee, and as the evidences increase that the friends and advocates of Mr. Chase are determined not to desert him, it looks somewhat as if that gentleman will head the ticket of this third party. More will be known on this subject in the next ten days. Timon.
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