The 'Perfection' of 'Destiny' for the Radical Party

March 31, 1868


According to the New York Tribune the Radical party was destined to succeed as it has. The ascendance of the Radicals is comparable to the French Revolution. The Radical rule should not last nearly as long or be as violent as the French Revolution.


The New York Tribune argues the "perfection " of "destiny" for the Radical party from the fact that "its success "proves that its rise and growth is as truly "a great movement of the human race as "was the" "French Revolution." Unfortunate comparison. The French revolutionists made five "perfect" constitutions in ten years, and after shedding more blood and causing more horrors than any revolutionists in modern times, their party perished, their leaders were put under the ban, many of them brought to the guillotine, and a despotism as thorough as ever existed was elevated upon the ruin they had worked. Since the French revolutionists were, most of them, abler and better men than the Radicals, we do not think their misrule should exist even as long as that of the French anarchists. Yet, should the Radical life (which is presumptuously called the "life of the nation") be as long as that of the "reign of terror" in France it will, very much to the joy of mankind, be but brief!
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