Impeachment Proceedings

April 2, 1868


Judge Chase gains more power as the Chief Justice of the High Court of Impeachment.


Impeachment Proceedings.-We publish this morning the very interesting debate and action of the High Court of Impeachment upon the rights of the Chief Justice as its presiding officer. It will be seen that Judge Chase gained a complete triumph ; or we should rather say, that reason, law, and justice triumphed over partisan lawlessness and malignity. The Intelligencer considers the result a "defeat of the Wade faction." If the proceedings of the court are to be conducted so as to arouse the passions of senators upon questions suggested by the ultra Radicals, with the view of running rough-shod over every man who favors even a decent respect for fairness, the result of the trial possibly may be affected in an unforeseen manner. There is certainly very great want of judgment among the madmen, who can't brook any delay in their plundering the Government by the removal of Mr. Johnson.
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