Negro Gerrymandering

April 3, 1868


Black and corrupt white citizens in the Convention gerrymander the land to benefit and distort black rule in Virginia.


Negro Gerrymandering.-The wretched Convention of negroes and depraved whites, it will be seen, are proceeding with their outrageous gerrymandering in order to hand over the State to negro rule. They yesterday voted Richmond and Henrico one district, and were steadily proceeding upon the system of overwhelming the white voice where it predominates in a county or city. Gerrymandering is base enough when white men alone are concerned ; but in such a ease as our's, where the voice of a civilized and highly-refined white community is to be drowned by the votes of ignorant negroes just relieved from slavery, the outrage is one of the most grievous and monstrous character. It is, indeed, without precedent in the world's history. Is it possible that such things can be permitted or endured ?
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