Northern Men and Hunnicutt

April 3, 1868


Through secret meetings and clubs Republicans criticize Hunnicutt. Hunnicutt is rightfully upset and threatens these Republicans and strongly opposes the northern Republicans who take offices away from him. In truth power-hungry Hunnicutt wants to have the biggest office and give all of his friends offices as well.


Northern Men and Hunnicutt. It has been quite apparent for some time that Republicans working in the clubs and secret meetings have given the Rev. Mr. Hunnicutt, late secessionist and negro defamer, a vast deal of trouble. He has been " cussing " promiscuously, vaunting his great influence, and threatening to talk his enemies to death. His boasting resembled that of the man who said he could run faster, jump farther, dive deeper, and come up dryer than any other man. Hunnicutt avowed that he could talk twelve hours a day for we forget how many months, and that if his enemies did not keep quiet he would inflict upon them that terrible torture ! This awful menace, together with his boasted power over the negroes, 500 of whom he declares one stamp of his foot will instantly draw to his support, is enough to spread terror everywhere and put down all opposition. Nevertheless, the anti-Hunnicutt party do not appear to be terrified, but continue to irritate the great Fe-Fo-Fum. The New Nation, of yesterday, leaks out the venom of the High Priest of Hunnicutt Hall with a little more directness than heretofore. We are given to understand that it is the northern men who have come down to take pot luck with Hunnicutt at the official board who give him so much concern, and excite so bitterly his jealousy. It is true he speaks of northern "Copperheads," who "by Federal appointment or by the accidents of war have been thrown among us; " but the truth is, he means the whole of the northern Republicans now residing here and seeking or holding office. He wants the biggest office for himself, and the others he wishes to dispense among his immediate followers. Like Donetti's big monkey he endeavors to gather up all that is on the table into his own clastic pouch, and growls terribly at everybody who covets a part of what's going. The High Priest is especially enraged because these " mere adventurers " have said that southern Union men are not worthy to be trusted with any office. With a few exceptions, this is true; but that only makes the assertion more galling to the untrustworthy and incompetent, of whom Hunnicutt is a notorious example. There is a great deal behind this bitter and blundering invective against northern men, who are conveniently styled " Copperheads." There is deep discontent among the native scallawags. General Schofield has given them mortal offence. The counsels of Hunnicutt Hall have not prevailed-hence the lamentations and curses, and the hold declaration of Hunnicutt that he had rather be under rebel rule than " Copperhead domination ! "
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