"For No Good Purpose"

April 11, 1868


General Meade's extermination efforts of the K. K. K. are misdirected and unfounded. Meade should not be hunting the K. K. K. who supposedly have "no good purpose" and have not been proven guilty yet. His efforts should instead be aimed at the corrupt scalawags and "negroes."


" For No Good Purpose."-General Meade, in his order against the K. K. K.'s, assumes that it is a "secret organization for no good purpose." Therefore he takes measures to put it down. The old understanding of "law" in this country was that a man was innocent until he was proved to be guilty. Under this construction it would have been requisite that the " purposes " of the " secret organization" should be proved to be bad before its members were ordered to be hunted like mad dogs and the press that published anything about them to be suppressed ! But while General Meade proceeds against an alleged secret society upon the mere negative ground that their purposes are " not good," he fails to proceed against a series of pestiferous negro and scallawag clubs whose purposes are known to be bad! Their fruits tell the story.
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