Freedmen in Virginia

March 22, 1866


Freedmen outraged as farmers in Virginia continue to deny their wages for the year of 1865.


The Government has received from its agents in Virginia information that a feeling of distrust is mutual, many of the whites seeming rather to tolerate the situation than to accept it. Some few persons are doing all in their power to advance the interests of the Government and to assist the Freedmen's Bureau in its operations, and these are generally of the most intelligent classes. The ignorant, being more or less under control of prejudice, show their hostility to the Government on every occasion. Some few cases are coming before the Freedmen's Court for adjudication, arising from the farmers feeling disinclined to pay the freed people wages for the year 1865.- Washington Star
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“Freedmen in Virginia,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed February 1, 2023,