A Cheering Sun

April 19, 1868


A white majority has returned in Richmond. White men from all around attempt to save their state and country through the ballot which is one of the only shreds of liberty white Richmonders are still entitled to.


A Cheering Sign.-The white man's battle-flag was driven back in Richmond at the previous registration, but it has now gone forward, and is planted far in advance of its former position. At the former registration the negro majority in our State capital was 961, and it is now only thirty six! The returns show an increase of 1,511 white votes and 586 of blacks. There is both cheer and warning for us in this. It shows that the reserve strength of the State is coming up-Blucher and his 30,000 to turn the tide-and we feel confident that in every town and county, every mountain, valley, and lowland plain, the white men of the State will come forward to defend by the only means left them-the ballot-the last shadow of liberty which remains to us. Viewed in this aspect, the picture is cheering, and we hail our brethren of Richmond with a heart full of honest satisfaction at the result.-Norfolk Virginian. [At the first registration in Richmond the negroes had a majority of about 1,100, which was cut down to 061 when the lists were revised.]
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